Monday, 28 July 2014

Behind LABYRINTH 's scarves packaging :)

Namthip (Packaging Designer)

Namthip Visuttisang spent years researching and experimenting with the art of Packaging Design in Japan, a country known for its unique and meticulous packaging and design background.  

After graduating with a Master’s Degree in Product & Packaging Design from Tama Art University in Tokyo, she returns to Thailand and have been exploring for a more distinctive way to create Packaging Design.

Tadaaaaaaaaa <3

Through her experiences added with some guidelines, LABYRINTH now carries a truly artistic scarves packaging !!! 

On the process !! (Our founder, Sasiwan)

Display at the shop !

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Tuesday, 25 February 2014



Somnuek (Parn) Klangnok is a fantastic, smooth and skillful artist. 

He tooks everyday activities as his inspiration. He draws what he sees and add how he feels into his paintinging.

Apart from producing great art.  He is also a teacher at Chiratorn shop.

The Artist !

        Most of his works are humans and pets doing their everyday activities. Surreal brush stroke along with pretty creativities can be expect from his works. These composition add dynamic to his works as well.


Sneak Peak of collaborate scarves ! 

Inspiration of a French bulldog induce from the main logo of LABYRINTH was display on his creation for us. A female bulldog call Ratree is wearing his classic Thai traditional headdress (chadā).


A Thai dancer wearing a headdress (chadā)

Thank you for joining us Mr. Parn !!

Find out more about PARN:

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