Saturday, 9 November 2013



Conrad Roset is a talented Spanish illustrator who now base in New York City. 
And we just can't wait for his works to be display in Bangkok !

Acrylic on wood #work

Most of his works are muse by women. 

ENSUEÑOSEditorial #work

Minimal yet constant line of drawing. Pretty, light, and dreamy coloring can be expect from his design.

Editorial #work

FYI: This collaborate works with Conrad is the first international team up for LABYRINTH !

Sample of collaborate scarves #1

Sample of collaborate scarves #2
The Artist/ Illustrator !

One of the MUSES #personal

Stay posted peeeeeps !

Thank you for joining us Conrad :-)
More work of Conrad Roset:

Thursday, 31 October 2013


My name is Fleur. I am an awesome Frenchie :- D

A shot of my back from bird eye view perspective.

Well. As you may notice, I have muse many of LABYRINTH works.

With my second best human and my crushhhhh (at the back).

On top of the world lol

But LABYRINTH is not just me. There is more to it. Like the flowers, freedom, birds, nature, other collaborate humans. Well, I'm just a dog. An awesome dog, you know...

The best human and I.

Leave me alone lol

With my buddy.

Safety first !

Privilege spot !

I'm just adorable. 

Critique the art work...

: P

Lets rideeeee
BYE BYE ! With love <3

Sunday, 14 July 2013



Chattraporn Somrattanachai or Pong is a GIRL behind the illustration of BOYSANDGIRLS. 

An amazing illustrator plus a full time designer at Beverly Hills Polo Club, Thailand.  

A little hint of her "love letter" scarf design.

Hope lifting quote for all the dreamers ^^

Classic coloring, fine brush stroke, meaningful quotes, boys, and girls are the main principles of her works.

The Frenchie !

Exclusive post card. To go with the scarf ;)

To know more about BOYSANDGIRLS:

                          Enjoy B&G,


Thursday, 25 April 2013


Hints on NEIGHBOURHOOD scarf.

Its a collaboration between LABYRINTH and Wisut Ponnimit, an artist specialized in mega drawing !

Comics, minimal drawings, animated films with meaningful words are what can be seen in his depiction. 
Here are the samples of his awesome works:

His work is not an eye catcher by first glance but once it does, you won't look away. You would fall in to his universe, full of love, peace and positive inspiration for the mind.

Thank you so much for joining us, WISUT.P :)
For more information about Wisut please visit:

NEIGHBOURHOOD scarf will be available at:
The selected (Siam Center, Bangkok), Seven Secondfloor (Bangkok), Tamariba (Japan) and definitely at :)

Stay posted people !

Tuesday, 23 April 2013


Elevation contour lines, flowers and Eastern Asia cultures are the muse behind the piece. 

Sasiwan Sirivirot, the creator gets this inspiration from her colleagues while working as a short term contract translator with K-Water (Korea Water Resources Corporation). 

 EL CONTOUR is the first scarf of LABYRINTH to be photographed underwater as well.

Why water ?

Zoom up of flowers x

Raised up in a quiet town near the beach and growing up in the suburb of New Zealand taught Sasiwan to appreciate nature especially the depth of water. "My brother like to say water contains memory. I just like to keep memories during my work period for k-water on this scarf" Sasiwan.

Special thank you to engineer teams at K-water especially those who like to remain anonymous : )

Availability: This scarf is available/ will be available only at THE WONDER ROOM, Siam Center, Bangkok Thailand.


Monday, 4 March 2013


Artist: Connie Kinne

Artist: Collette Wirz nauke

Artist: Charlotte Hardy

"The earth laughs in flowers.Ralph Waldo Emerson -

Artist: Kate Lewis

Artist: Lulie Wallace

Artist: Ruth Gibbons

with love,
 Delphine Candau (Special contributor)